My HS Top 200 Year 11 Pre Season Team 2018

This is going to be an interesting selection because there are not many players that have been in 1st XV games but from what I have seen and the info passed on I'm going to put together “My Pre Season Year 11 Team”. These young men will most likely all play 1stXV rugby this year on a regular or have a few games to start them off on their 1st XV Careers. Now just to explain a bit on how Year 11 players are Ranked it is not done by you just making your 1st XV. Some players could make their 1st XV as a Year 11 because selections are slimmer at smaller schools or also because your school has injuries, but that won't make you better or Ranked higher than another in your position. In this bunch of boys 3 of them have played 1st XV as Year 10’s and so they already have a head start as to how things are done at that level.

Let's get started with two guys that have already played games at 1st XV level as Year 10 students and they are Props Jonty Bird Scots College and Monu Moli Marlborough BC. Both boys are sort of already developed physically and they can handle that physicality that 1st XV brings. Jonty a very explosive player with the ball in hand and can make some meters, Monu a solid prop that can scrum and defend strongly around the rucks. Jabez Peniata is a lock out of Porirua College and he also has had a full season of 1st XV rugby and started all year for the PC 1st XV. Jabez is a raw player that could end up being a Blind Side or No.8 if he stays around that 6’4-6’5 range but any taller we could see another future Lock on our hands. Those are the 3 players that have had time in 1st XV and we have even more talent from around the country. Angus Grant a talented Hooker coming up in Crusaders-Land is shaping to be a player to watch and a very good leader. There has been a lot of talk about the boys I put into the Loose Trio and what their 1st XV programs have in store for them. George Murray an open side who is looked at to be one of the up and coming players for Col should be featured this year sometime. Keanu Vanisi is an everything you want a player because he hits hard and he can break the line for you, he will be an open side this year that you might want to look out for and over the next few too. Sionekau Lokeni I think is a smart leader and he knows that leadership comes from example and he puts in the work. Sionekau has a very strong running game that gets meters up the field and he makes tackle all game. Jamie Hannah is a name that kept coming across and he has a strong reputation for whats to come in the future.

Chris Vunnipola from Kelston BHS was just always moving, always active and always finding ways to create. Kelston BHS success came because of him and Mikaere Bartlett. Chris kept things moving and Mikaere got the ball through the line and to the right players. Mikaere was good with the ball in hand and was always looking for that open gap in the line that he could break through like nothing. Zach Paterson another talented guy coming out of Hamilton BHS is a player on the rise and I think he could make an appearance this year but you never know because Hamilton BHS is full of talent and you never know. Lafo Takiari Ah-Ching is known for his explosive footwork and getting rid of players as well and he’s not really a big kid but has that hidden strength I guess. Jayden Stok has been selected to go to South Africa with the 1st XV and so he’ll get his start to 1st XV on tour hopefully. But he is said to be a talented all-around player that has a high IQ for the game and he comes with a very good passing game as well. Monte Carlo Maynard is a very tall and talented Fullback that links up very well and is very hard to bring down. Linking up with Terrance and Logan is the idea and I think with both player packing speed and power as well with strong kicking games I thought they would go well.

Havila Molia is changed school and position and is looked at to be one of the strongest mobile Prop’s coming through the Ranks, along with “Big Boy” Nasser Tato from Palmy Boys. William Robinson is going to be a player to keep an eye on this year as a Hooker and he has some real talent to learn from this year. Tom Ascott is a raw player needing time and growth but has all the skills as of right now. Mitch Southall is a player I think might make some massive jumps this year and prove to be one to wait for these next two years. Bailey Moody and Jake Te Hiwi round up the talent that we have here in NZ and for the selected squad I think will make some real moves this year.

1.   Jonty Bird (Scots College)
2.   Angus Grant (St Bedes College)
3.   Monu Moli (Marlborough BC)
4.   Jabez Peniata (Porirua College)
5.   Jamie Hannah (Christchurch BHS)
6.   Keanu Vanisi (Kings HS)
7.   George Murray (Wellington College)
8.   Sionekau Lokeni (Sacred Heart College) (C)
9.   Chris Vunipola (Kelston BHS) (VC)
10. Zach Paterson (Hamilton BHS)
11. Terrance Graham (Feilding HS)
12. Lafo Takiari Ah-Ching (Palmerston North BHS)
13. Jayden Stok (Napier BHS)
14. Logan Wilson (Kings HS)
15. Monte Carlo Maynard (Kelston BHS)

16. Havila Molia (St Paul’s Collegiate)
17. Nasser Tato (Palmerston North BHS)
18. William Robinson (Napier BHS)
19. Tom Ascott (St Bedes College)
20. Mitch Southall (St Patrick College Silverstream)
21. Bailey Moody (Christchurch BHS)
22. Mikaere Bartlett (Kelston BHS)
23. Jake Te Hiwi (Otago BHS)

Article by: High School Top 200


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